What is the Fixed Dial Number (FDN) feature on my TracFone S125G?

Your mobile device can set up Fixed Dial Numbers (FDN). When the FDN feature is active, only numbers that are part of the FDN contacts list can be called from your device. To use the FDN feature, you must first activate it. Press the left soft key for Menu > Contacts > Management > FDN Settings > On. You will be asked to enter your PIN code. The default code should be "2222". If this code does not work, you will need to contact your customer service representative at TracFone to get the correct code.

After you have activated the FDN feature, you will need to add some FDN contacts. Press the right soft key for Back once to return to the Contacts menu and select FDN Contacts. Press the left soft key for Create and enter your PIN code again. Enter a Name and a Number for the contact and then press the left soft key for Options > Save. Repeat this process to add all of the contacts you wish to add to the FDN contacts.

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