[Android™ 4.4, KitKat] How do I Monitor Data Usage on my Samsung Galaxy S® 4?

Your mobile device has a built-in Data Usage application. The application will show how much data you have used and which apps or services are responsible for your data usage. You can also set mobile data limits, view Wi-Fi® usage, restrict background data usage, and toggle data roaming usage on or off.

  • Accessing Data Usage

    To access the Data Usage app, from the Home screen, touch Menu  > Settings  > Connections  > Data usage .

  • Managing Data Usage

    Place a check mark next to Mobile data to turn mobile data On or Off. Mark the Set mobile data limit option to disable the data connection when the limit is reached.

    To adjust the limit or warning, touch the anchor on the right side of the corresponding bar on the graph and drag it up or down. Or, touch the bar and manually set the data usage level in MB. You can adjust the date range shown in the chart by touching Data usage cycle > Change cycle.

    Touch Menu  to access the following additional options:

    • Data roaming: When you mark this feature, you set your device to roam to other networks for data when you are outside of your coverage area. Marking this option may cause you to incur additional charges from your wireless carrier. Please contact your carrier for information about the costs of data roaming.
    • Restrict background data: Mark this option to restrict your device's use of data for background tasks unless your device is connected to a Wi-Fi® access point.
    • Auto-sync data: Unmark this option to disable synchronization for your accounts.
    • Show Wi-Fi usage: Mark this option to show an additional tab covering the Wi-Fi data usage on your device.
    • Mobile hotspots: Lets you select Wi-Fi networks that are mobile hotspots. When selected, apps can be restricted from using these networks when in the background and can also warn you about using these networks for large downloads.

    The list of applications shows you applications that have used data on your device, and how much data use each application is responsible for during the data usage cycle selected. Touch an app to get more information about it, View app settings, and Restrict background data for each application individually.

    Important! Data usage shown in the Data Usage app is measured by your mobile device. Your carrier's data usage accounting may differ.

  • Mobile Data Limit Reached

    When you have reached your mobile data limit, you will receive the following message:

    Touch Enable data connection again to continue using mobile data, or touch OK to disable mobile data. You can enable mobile data at anytime by touching Mobile data disabled in the Notification panel.

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