How Do I Pair My SPH-M570 (Restore) Phone With A Bluetooth Device?

Pair your mobile device with external Bluetooth-enabled devices.

    Refer to the manufacturer of all third-party Bluetooth devices for instructions on enabling discovery mode and obtaining the passkey. In most cases, the default passkey is '0000' (four zeros).  

Pair a Bluetooth Device
  1. Place Bluetooth device in discovery mode.
  2. Highlight and press 
  3. Select Tools (0)
  4. Select Bluetooth (3)
  5. Select Add New (3)
  6. Enable Bluetooth if not already turned on, Yes (1)
  7. If the Trusted Devices list is empty, a search will begin and soon a list of devices will populate
  8. Select a device and press the OK key
  9. Verify passkeys match and select left soft key for Yes
  10. Enter a unique device name and press the left soft key for Done to save changes

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