How Do I Format The Storage Card On My SPH-M810 (Instinct s30) Phone?

There are no configurable options available to format a memory card using the SPH-M810 (Instinct s30) handset. However, memory cards can be formated using a computer.

    The plug-in microSD memory card and its contents can be easily damaged by scratches or bending. Use caution when inserting or removing the card and keep all memory cards out of reach of children.  

    Please note that the minimum size limit for the microSD memory card is 32MB. This phone does support the use of a microSDHC 16GB capacity memory card. However, for optimal performance Samsung recommends using a card no larger than 2GB.  

    The formatting procedure erases all the data on the microSD card, after which the files CANNOT be retrieved. To prevent the loss of important data, please check the contents before you format the card.  

Format a memory card

To format a memory card, using a PC, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure both the PC and monitor are turned on
  2. Right click the mouse on Start
  3. Left click the mouse on Explore
  4. Insert the memory card into the memory card adaptor
  5. Insert the memory card adaptor into the memory card reader
  6. Connect the memory card reader to the PC’s USB port
  7. You will see a new Removable Disk drive appear, this would be the memory card
  8. Right click the mouse on the new Removable Disk drive
  9. Left click the mouse on Format
  10. Left click the mouse on Start
  11. Left click OK to start formatting the memory card

Note: When a formatted card is inserted into (or detected by) the Instinct s30, the four default folders will be created after reboot.

The default folders that are re-created are listed below:

    • DCIM is the default location for pictures and videos taken by the handset
    • MEDIA is the default location for sideloaded video content
    • MUSIC is the default storage location for downloaded and sideloaded music files
    • OTHERS provides a separate storage area for data files and other miscellaneous information

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