What Keyboard Input Methods Do I Have On My U.S. Cellular Samsung Repp™ (SCH-R680) Mobile Device?

There are two versions of onscreen keyboards available on your mobile device: Swype: Swype is a new text input method that allows you to enter words by gliding your finger over the on screen QWERTY keyboard, lifting your finger between words. You can also enable Word prediction, which matches your key touches to common words. Android keyboard: The Android Keyboard is a on-screen QWERTY keyboard that allows you to enter text by touching keys on the screen. Android Keyboard includes predictive text, which matches your key touches to common words so that you can select the word to enter it into your text.

Changing the Text Input Method
  1. Touch and hold on a text input field, then select Input method. The following options are available:
    • Android keyboard
    • Swype
  2. Touch the desired input method. The selected keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen.

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