What Security Options Are Available While Using Bluetooth On My SGH-T929 (Memoir) Phone?

Secure mode provides the ability to monitor data stored on the SGH-T929 (Memoir) handset. If another person tries to connect to your phone and access the phone's data, using the "Secure mode", you can decide whether it is allowed. That is, if the SGH-T929 (Memoir) handset Secure mode is set as On, whenever another person tries to access the phone's data, the handset will always ask to allow this, if the Secure mode is set as Off, another person can access the handset’s data without permission.

Turn Bluetooth Secure On or Off

When the Bluetooth Visibility is turned on, the SGH-T929 (Memoir) handset is wirelessly transmitting its phone name and status to every Bluetooth device within range. This transmission can pose a security risk and incite unauthorized connection to the handset. Therefore, it is recommended that Bluetooth Visibility remain hidden until necessary.

To enable or disable Bluetooth Secure mode follow the steps below:

  1. From the standby screen, press on Menu
  2. Press on Settings
  3. Press on Bluetooth
  4. Press on Settings
  5. Press on either Secure Mode On or Off to enable or disable Bluetooth Secure mode
  6. Press on Save to keep the Bluetooth settings

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