Can I Assign MP3 Files As Ringtones On My SGH-T349 Phone?

Yes, to assign MP3 files, located in the handset's Music folder, as ringtones follow the steps below.

Assign MP3 Files as Ringtones
  1. From the standby screen, press the left soft key for Menu
  2. Select Media (3)
  3. Select Music (4)
  4. HIghlight the desired MP3 file
  5. Press the left soft key for Options
  6. Select Set As (2)
  7. Select Ringtone (1) or Individual Ringtone (2)
    • For Individual Ringtone, select Contacts (1) then highlight the contact and press the OK button
  8. Press the Yes key to confirm setting the MP3 file as the Ringtone

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