How Do I Insert Or Remove The SIM Card On My SGH-T349 Phone?

Follow the steps below to insert or remove your SIM card.

    The plug-in SIM card and its contents can be easily damaged by scratches or bending. Use caution when inserting or removing the card and keep all SIM cards out of reach of children.  

Insert or Remove SIM Card

Warning:  The gold circuit side is facing down when inserting the SIM card. DO NOT force the card into the slot, as this could damage the SIM card and/or the handset.

To insert/remove a SIM card follow the steps below:

  1. If necessary, power-off the phone by pressing and holding the red END key  until the power-off image displays
  2. Remove the battery cover by pressing down and sliding it in the direction of the arrow (1), then lifting the cover up and away (2), as shown below

  1. Lift the battery up (1) and out of the phone, as shown above
  2. Make sure the gold contacts of the SIM card are face down, then gently slide the SIM card completely into the socket (Gently slide the card out to remove)

    Note: The angled corner of the SIM card should be inserted as shown above. The correct insertion is shown on the phone itself. Improperly inserting the SIM can cause the phone to not recognize the SIM card.

  3. With the battery cover open, align the battery tabs with the slots at the bottom of the phone (1) then press the battery down until it clicks into place (2) 

  1. With the battery in position on the phone, place the cover back on the handset and slide it up until it clicks (1)

Note: The battery must be properly installed before charging the battery or switching on the phone

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