Why Is My SGH-T919 (Behold) Phone No Longer Recognizing Voice Commands?

Voice dialing works well for most people without special adaptation. Speak clearly when giving your command. There is no need for you to speak slowly or with added emphasis. The voice recognition software has been optimized to understand your speech in its natural form. If it does not recognize your command after a few seconds, a voice prompt asks you to repeat the command. If it does not recognize your command again, the following message displays “Sorry, no match found,” and voice recognition turns off.

  • Voice Recognition Tips

    People with strong accents or unique voice characteristics may receive better results if they follow these tips:

    • Make sure you wait for the beep before starting to speak
    • Speak clearly, and say the name or each phone number digit distinctly and at a normal volume
    • There is no need to use paused speech. The voice recognition software has been trained to recognize natural speech, and performs best when you speak naturally
    • In very noise environments, it may be helpful to speak contact name or phone number digits in a quiet place

    If the handset is still not recognizing your voice commands you may need to adapt Nuance Voice Recognition to better recognize your voice. Adapting voice recognition requires recording multiple sequences of words and numbers. The entire adaptation process takes approximately one minute.

    Note: You should adapt Voice Recognition only if the system is frequently unable to recognize your speech. After you adapt Voice Recognition, the handset is customized to your voice, and your voice only. Others will not be able to use it unless they reset voice recognition to factory defaults.

  • Adjust Voice Recognition Settings

    To adjust the settings and preferences for Nuance® Voice Recognition Settings follow the steps below:

    1. From the home screen, press to open the widget bar then press on the Voice Recognition icon  to activate Nuance voice recognition
      • Alternatively, from the home screen, press on Menu, Applications then Voice Recognition
    2. Press on Settings
    3. Press on Adaptation
    4. Press on Adapt Voice then follow the on-screen instructions

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