How Do I Use the Samsung and Swype Keyboards On My T-Mobile T839 (Sidekick 4G) Phone?

Follow the steps below to change your default keyboard and configure on-screen and device keyboards.

  • Change Default Keyboard

    The easiest way to change the default on-screen keyboard is to pull up an app that requires text input, such as Messaging. Alternatively, from any homescreen you can tap Menu > Settings > Locale And Text > Select Input Method and then skip step 1 below.

    1. In the text input field, tap and hold until the Edit Text prompt comes up. Tap Input Method.
    2. In the Select Input Method menu, tap Swype or Samsung Keypad
  • Configure On-Screen and Device Keyboards
    1. From any homescreen tap Menu > Settings > Locale And Text
    2. Tap Swype Settings, Samsung Keypad Settings, or Device Keyboard Settings and set accordingly

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