How Do I Create Or Delete Speed Dial Entries On My Cricket SCH-R380 (Comment) Phone?

You can create or delete speed dial entries on your mobile device by following the instructions below.

  • Create a Speed Dial Number for a Contact
    1. While in stand by mode, press the Menu button > Contacts > Speed Dial.
    2. Highlight the speed dial location, or enter the speed dial digits in the Go To field, then press SET.
    3. At the Set Speed Dial screen, highlight a contact, or enter the first few characters in the Go To field.
    4. At the Set speed dial to contact? prompt, press Yes.

    Note: Some Speed Dials are reserved by default, and cannot be assigned: Speed Dial 1 is reserved for Voicemail. Speed Dial 211 is reserved for information about health and human services, 311 for non emergency municipal services; 411 for directory assistance; 611 for customer service access; and 911 for emergencies.

  • Delete a Speed Dial Number from an Existing Contact
    1. While in stand by mode, press the Menu button > Contacts > Find.
    2. Highlight the desired entry, then press Edit.
    3. Highlight the number field marked by the Speed Dial icon.
    4. Press Options > Remove speed dial. "Remove speed dial?" prompts you to confirm your desire to remove the entry.
    5. Press Yes to remove the Speed Dial assignment.

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