Why Can't Blu-ray Discs Resume From The Last Position When They Are Reloaded?


It really depends on the type of Blu-ray disc you are watching. Blu-ray discs with BD-Java (BD-J) cannot be resumed by theplayer (regardles of manufacturer) because BD-J disables the resume function. BD-J is the software that controls playback and all interactive Blu-ray disc features (bonus features). Press 'Stop' twice or turn off the player or eject the disc tray and the Java application on the disc must reload when the disc is reinserted or play is pressed. This causes the disc to start from the beginning.

If you press 'Stop' once you can resume from where you left off. Also, some BD-J discs do give you the option to set a book mark when pressing 'Pause' but not all since this function is disc dependant. Some new releases now offer 'Resume Play' which will resume playback from where you left off even if you remove the disc and insert a different one. Again these functions are based on how the disc was encoded by the studio. Firmware does not play any part in this, this is a technical limitation of BD-J programming. For more information on this topic launch your favorite search engine and enter 'BD- Java resume' in the search field.

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