How Do I Send Pictures From My Cricket SCH-R450 (Messager) Phone?

Send picture messages by following the instructions below:

Send a Picture
  1. While in standby mode, press the OK button for Menu
  2. Select Messages (2)
  3. Select Send Message (1)
  4. Select Picture Message (2)
  5. Highlight either Send To, CC or BCC, using the navigation keys
  6. Enter the phone number or email address, using the keypad or QWERTY keyboard, or press the right soft key for Add to select from:
    • Contacts (1)
    • Groups (2)
    • Recent Calls (3)
  7. Highlight each recipient, using the navigation keys
  8. Press the OK button to MARK or check their box then press the left soft key for Done
  9. After adding all recipients, press the OK button
  10. Enter the Picture Message Subject Text, using the keypad
  11. Enter Picture Message Text, using the keypad
  12. Highlight PIC: then press the left soft key for My PIC
  13. Highlight desired picture, using the navigation keys
  14. Press the OK button to select the picture
  15. Highlight Sound then press the left soft key for Sounds
  16. Select either Record New (1) voice memo or choose from the My Sounds contents
  17. Press the OK button to add the sound
  18. Press the OK button to Send the Picture Message to recipient(s)

Tip: You can send a Picture Message to up to ten recipients

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