What Should I Do When The Room Is Not Cold Enough, Even After The Air Conditioner Has Been Running For A Few Hours?

The outdoor condenser might be dirty and is incapable of producing cooling refrigerant. There may not be enough refrigerant in the air conditioning system. There may be some problem with the air conditioning system resulting in non-continuous operation of the system. The desired operating temperature is set too high. The air conditioner installed is under-sized. The indoor fan coil is dirty resulting in insufficient circulation of cool air. Improper installation.

    Filter should be washed at leat once a week during the summer season.  

    Condenser cleaning should be done at least once a year.   

  • Related Symptom

    These symptoms are related with this problem.

    1. Low cooling.
    2. Ice on evaporator coil.
    3. Insufficient Air circulation in the room.
  • Cause

    These can be causes of the problem.

    1. Dust might be blocking the air path, causing low cooling inside the room.
    2. Room temperature is too high.
    3. Refrigerant leakage.
    4. Improper Installation.
  • Solution

    For verification, we can check air-flow and temperature at grill outlet.

    Follow these suggestions if the room is not cold enough, even after the air-conditioner has been running for a few hours.

    A. Check if filter or coil is dirty

    1. Open the front grill by pushing the grill tabs.
    2. Remove the filter.
    3. Wash the filter with running water.
    4. Dry and reinstall the filter.

    B. Check if room temperature is too high or room size is bigger than the capacity of the Air Conditioner.

    - Use a rubber plug to hold water in base tray. It will automatically spray stored water to the condenser for better condensation.

    C. Check if the outdoor condenser is dirty and is unable to dissipate heat.

    - Clean the condenser with water, or call a service engineer to fix the air conditioner.

    D. Check if the condenser is exposed to direct sun rays.

    - Shield the air-con from direct sun rays.

    Note: Provide shade as the above picture.

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