Are Plasma TVs Subject To Screen Burn In?

Yes, plasma TVs are subject to screen burn in.

  • Screen Burn In

    Screen burn-in is not covered under your warranty.

    Example Of Burn In / Image Retention

    If you have a plasma TV, we recommend that you limit your viewing of stationary graphics and images, such as the dark side-bars on non-expanded standard format television programs, stock market reports, video game displays, station logos, web sites, and computer graphics and patterns to no more than 5% of the total television viewing per week.

    Displaying stationary images that exceed the above guidelines can cause uneven aging of Plasma displays that leave subtle, but permanent burned-in ghost images in the Plasma picture. To avoid this, vary the programming and images you watch, watch mainly full screen moving images, and avoid stationary patterns or dark bars. On Plasma models that offer picture sizing features, use these controls to view different formats as a full screen pictures.

    4:3 (pillar box) Viewing

    Uneven panel aging from viewing excessive 4:3 images

  • Reducing Burn-In

    Information on these features can be found in the E-Manual on the TV or the User manual.

    Current model Samsung Plasma TVs are equipped with a pixel shift function which reduces, but does not eliminate, the possibility of screen burn in.

    Current Samsung Plasma TVs are equipped with a Pixel Scrolling function that can reduce or remove the effects of screen burn in.

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