Can I Lay My Plasma TV Down?

The only time the TV needs to be laid on it's face is when you are assembling/disassembling the stand. Anytime else, during transport especially, the TV should remain in a verticle orientation at all times.

    Never transport or store you plasma TV lying down. Always transport or store it upright attached to its stand or in its original packing materials if available. Protect the screen with a blanket or some other large piece of soft material if the original container is not available.  

To Assemble Or Disassemble The TV Stand

Make sure that the bottom of the TV is near the edge of the table or desk so that you can attach or remove the stand.

Place the TV face down on a smooth, soft surface as to not damage or scratch the finish on the TV. For example: If you have the box the TV came packaged you can lay the TV down on top of it or using several towels /a blanket / drop cloths on a large desk or table.

When you remove or attach the stand, have at least two people involved, one to hold the TV and the other to attach or remove the stand.

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