What are the different Buttons and other Physical Features of my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?

  • Front View of Your Device

    • Light Sensor: Used to automatically control screen brightness.
    • Home Screen Indicator: Shows which Home screen is displayed.
    • Front-facing Camera Lens: Allows you to take pictures of yourself when you set the camera shooting mode to Self shot.
    • Speakers: There are two speakers on the front of your device, one on each side.
    • Application Icons: Allow shortcuts to your favorite applications on the Home screen.
    • Indicator Icons: Show the information needed to operate your device, such as the received signal strength, battery level, unread emails, time, date, etc.
    • Multi Window Tray: Open to quickly access applications in Multi window mode.
    • Quick Launch: Customizable slot allows you to assign functions for quick access. By default, this option is set to capture screenshots.
    • Recent Apps: Allows you to view and access recently used applications.
    • Home: Allows you to return to the main Home screen from any Home screen or menu.
    • Back: Allows you to step backward when navigating a menu or web page.
    • Widget: Widgets can be added for various functions. Widgets provide quick access to information without opening an application first.
  • Rear View of Your Device

    • 3.5mm Headset Jack: Connect a wired headset.
    • IR Blaster: Allows you to use your device as an IR remote control with the Peel® Remote Control application.
    • Volume Keys: Allows you to adjust the volume.
    • Power/Lock Key: Press this key to wake up your device or to lock the screen when not in use.
    • microSD™ Slot: Open the cover to insert an optional microSD card.
    • LED Flash: Adds light to the scene when capturing pictures.
    • Power/Accessory Interface Connector: Connect your charger or other supported accessories to this port.
    • Camera Lens: Allows you to take pictures and shoot videos.
    • S Pen™: A stylus that assists you in performing different functions. By using the Pen button, you can minimize having to switch between touch and pen input.
    • SIM Card Slot: Open the cover and insert your SIM card to access your carrier's network with your device.

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