Washer Fills With The Wrong Temperature Water

Wrong Temperature Water

If your washing machine's water is cold when it's supposed to be warm, or vice versa, check the following:

  • Make sure both faucets from the home's water source are turned on fully.
  • Make sure the temperature selection is correct.
  • Make sure the hoses are connected to the correct faucets.
  • Check their water heater. It should be set to deliver a minimum 120° F (49° C) hot water at the tap.
    • Also, check the water heater capacity and recovery rate. If you have a small water heater and are using a lot of hot water (e.g., maybe someone's taking a long, hot shower), the supply of hot water may be depleted and need time to reheat.
  • Disconnect the water hoses and clean the inlet filter screens. The hose filter screens may be plugged (see images below)
  • As their washer fills, the water temperature may change as the automatic temperature control feature checks incoming water temperature. This is normal.
  • While the washer fills, you may notice just hot and/or just cold water going through the dispenser when cold or warm wash temperatures are selected. This is a normal function of the automatic temperature control feature.

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