How Do I Pair My SGH-A597 (Eternity II) Phone With A Bluetooth Device?

Learn more on how to pair your phone to a Bluetooth device.

Pairing to a Bluetooth Device

The first time you try to pair with another handset, you and the owner of the other handset must enter the same PIN. Once the handsets are paired, you will not need to use the PIN again.

To pair the handset with a Bluetooth Device follow the steps below:

  1. Place the Bluetooth device in discoverable mode
  2. From the standby screen, press on Menu
  3. Press on Bluetooth
  4. Search for the Bluetooth device by pressing on Search, located in the bottom left corner
  5. Press on Yes to Activate Bluetooth and start the search
  6. Press on the desired Bluetooth Device (if not shown press on the left or right arrows until displayed)
  7. Press the Passkey "0000" then press on OK, you will get a brief message stating connecting followed by connected, if prompted press OK again

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