How Do I Insert Or Remove The Battery (Cover) & Battery From My T-Mobile T589 Gravity Smart Phone?

You can insert or remove the battery from your phone following the steps below.

  • Remove and Replace Cover
    1. Remove the battery cover by following the illustration below.
    2. Replace the battery cover by positioning it over the battery compartment and pressing down until hear a "click".
    3. Press down along the edges of the cover to secure it.
  • Remove and Replace Battery
    1. Ensure that the device is powered down.
    2. Remove the battery by placing your finger into the groove at the base of the battery compartment and lifting up and away from the device.
    3. Replace the battery sliding it gently into the battery compart, as shown above, making note of where the contacts leads are and then firmly seat the battery flat into the compartment.
    4. Replace the battery cover.

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