What Are The Specifications Of Advanced Features On My SGH-A177 Phone?

The following table displays the advanced feature specifications for your mobile device.

  • Advanced Feature Specifications

    Advanced Features

    Network Dependent Features *
    Voice Dial/Recognition Software  

    Pause Dialing


    Automatic Redial


    Picture Caller ID


    Answering Machine Mode


    Speech (To Text) Dictation




    Business Card Scan


    Stereo Speaker


    Music / Media Player


    Mass Storage


    Dynamic Idling Support

    Network Dependent Features *



    Call Forwarding


    Call Waiting


    3 - Way Calling / Conference Calls


    Caller ID


    VS (Video Share)


    Streaming Video


    FOTA (Firmware Over THe Air)


    NAB (Network Address Book)


    NITZ (Network Identity and Time Zone)


    FM Radio


    Mobile TV


    MEdia Net


    AT&T Music


    Cellular Web


    Media Mall


    * Network Dependent Services and Features

    Features and Services described in this section are available through your Service Provider and are subject to their terms and conditions. In some cases, these features or services may be subject to additional charges, subscriptions fees or restrictions. For verification please check with your Service Provider for more details.


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