How Do I Customize My Home Screens On The Verizon Wireless SCH-I100 (Gem) Phone?

The SCH-I100 (Gem) supports five Home Screen panels. Each Home Screen panel can be customized to quickly access applications that are desired to be used most.

  • Accessing Home Screen Panels

    The center panel appears when you press the Home Key . There are several methods to access other Home Screen panels:

    • Swipe: Swipe across the Home Screen left or right.
    • Navigation Nodes: Small dots located at the bottom of the left and right Home Screen. Touch the dots on either side of the Home Screen to access the desired Home Screen panel.
    • Quick Panel Access Menu: Press and hold the Application Key  to display the Quick Panel Access Menu. Touch one of the five thumbnail images to navigate to the desired Home Screen panel.
  • Customize Home Screens

    Each Home Screen panel can be customized by adding or removing the following:

    • Shortcuts: Use for quick access to applications or features, such as Email, bookmarks, a contact, etc.
    • Widgets: Self-contained applications used to access favorite features, such as Music, Clock, Google Search, etc.
    • Folders: Organize items in a single location, such as All Contacts, Google Contacts, Documents, etc.
    • Wallpaper: Use a preloaded wallpaper image or select a picture taken with the camera or downloaded.

    Adding to Home Screen Panels

    1. From the desired Home Screen panel, touch and hold the screen to display the Add to Home Screen menu
    2. Touch Shortcuts, Widgets or Folders, and then touch the selection to add

    Adding Shortcuts from Applications

    1. From the Home Screen panel you want to add the Shortcut to, press the Application Key 
    2. Touch and hold an application, a Shortcut icon is placed on the Home Screen panel

    Removing from Home Screen Panels

    1. Touch and hold the item to be removed until the Trashcan  appears.
    2. Drag the item to the Trashcan

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