How Do I Find The ADB Drivers For My Verizon Wireless SCH-I100 (Gem) Phone?

Generally, most end users should use the Marketplace to find and download applications for installation on their device. This will help ensure the files comes from a trusted source and is compatiable with the device. There may be times when a developer may need to manually install their application from a terminal.

ADB Drivers
  1. Download and install the latest Android SDK from the Android Developer or click here.
  2. Download and install the Java Developer Kit (JDK) from Sun or click here.
  3. Download and install the latest Android Developer Bridge (ADB) driver located click here.
    • Select Software Tab
  4. Enable USB Debugging under Settings>Applications>Development
  5. The installation file should have an extension of .APK, if properly compiled. Place the application in the tools directory, i.e. (C:\android\tools)
  6. Using the command prompt, go to the tools folder (i.e cd\android\tools)
  7. Type in ADB Install .APK
  8. The ADB tool should now report the application to be installed. To verify, tap on Applications on the device and locate the name of the application. 

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