How Do I Log Into S Educate?

  • Log In to S Educate

    You cannot use S Educate to create a new log in.

    Follow the steps below to log in to S Educate:

    1. If nobody is logged in to the app, the Log-in button is at the top of the screen in the middle of the home page.

    2. To log in, ensure that you are connected to the Internet, and tap the log-in button. The Khan Academy login popup appears.

    3. If you log in using Google or Facebook, a Permissions popup like the one below appears, advising you that the Khan Academy is requesting permission to use information from your account. Tap the Allow Access button.

  • Log Out of S Educate

    S Educate retains your log in credentials, and unless you log out, every time you open the app, you will find you are already logged in. Instead of a Log-in button at the top of the screen, your own login is displayed there.

    To change the login from somebody else's to your own,

    1. Tap the Leaf menu button on the right.
    2. The profile menu for the currently logged in user appears.

    3. Tap the Log out button. The Log-in button appears at the top of the screen.

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