How Do I Insert Or Remove The Memory Card On My SGH-T749 (Highlight) Phone?

To insert or remove a memory card follow the steps below:

    Failure to unplug the wall charger before removing the battery can cause damage to the phone.  

Insert Or Remove The Memory Card
  1. If necessary, press and hold the red END key  to turn off the phone
  2. Press down on the battery cover and slide the cover toward the bottom end of the phone (1), then lift it the cover up and away from the phone (2), as shown below

  3. Lift the battery up (1) then slide it away from the phone (2), as shown above
  4. Push the small metal memory card cover up, towards the side of the phone, until you hear a slight clicking sound to unlock it
  5. Open the metal memory card cover gate into the up position (1)
  6. Place (or remove) the microSD™ memory card into the slot (2) ensuring the card’s gold contact pins face downward and the card is placed so that the indentations face the same direction as those illustrated
  7. Close the metal memory card cover (3), using your thumb to push the cover down, then slide the cover back into the lock position
  8. Insert the top end of the battery first, matching the gold contacts on the top of the battery to those inside of the phone battery compartment (1)
  9. Lightly press down on the bottom end of the battery until it slips into place (2)

  10. Place the battery cover over the battery (1) then side the it up until you hear a click (2), as shown above
  11. Press and hold the END key  to power-up the phone
  12. If properly installed, the phone will show the memory card icon  on the top line of the display

Note: The battery must be properly installed before charging the battery or switching on the phone

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