How Do I Use Call Waiting On My SGH-T109 Phone?

While on a call you will hear a tone when another call is coming in, also the handset will show another call waiting on the display screen. Press the Accept soft key to place the first call on hold and answer the second call. To return to the original call press the left soft key for Options and select Swap; this will place the second call on hold. To ignore the second call, press the Reject soft key.

    Call waiting must be activated to take advantage of this functionality on the SGH-T109 handset.  

Activate Call Waiting
  1. While in standby mode, press the left soft key for Menu
  2. Select Settings (9)
  3. Select Call Settings (4)
  4. Select Call Waiting (6)
  5. Select either Voice Calls (1) or Data Calls (2)
  6. Highlight Activate, using the navigation keys
  7. Press the left soft key for Select to Activate Call Waiting

Tip: For calls when you don’t want to be interrupted, you can temporarily disable Call Waiting by pressing *70 before placing your call. Call Waiting is automatically reactivated once you end the call.

Note: Call waiting service must be enabled on your account with your service provider to take advantage of this functionality on your phone. Please consult with your provider for information regarding any additional fees that may be incurred.

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