How Do I Lock My Sim Card In My AT&T Samsung DoubleTime™ (SGH-i857) Mobile Device?

How to lock your SIM card and change your SIM PIN.

    You must activate Lock SIM card before you can change your SIM PIN code.  

  • SIM Card Lock

    Prevent another user from using your SIM card to make unauthorized calls or from accessing information stored on your SIM card by protecting the information using a PIN code.

    When enabled, your phone will ask for a PIN number each time you use the phone. Using this option you can also change your SIM PIN number.

    1. From the Home screen, touch Applications  > Settings > Location and security.
    2. Touch Set up SIM card lock.
    3. Touch Lock SIM card, enter your SIM PIN code, then touch OK.
  • Change SIM PIN
    1. Touch Change SIM PIN
    2. Enter your old SIM PIN code and touch OK.
    3. Enter your new SIM PIN code and touch OK.
    4. Re-type your new SIM PIN code and touch OK.

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