How Do I Insert Or Remove The Battery (Cover) From My Samsung Reality™ (SCH-u370) Phone?

To insert or remove the battery and/or cover from phone, follow the steps and diagrams below:

You must unplug the Travel Adapter (if it is connected) before removing the battery from the phone during charging to avoid damage.

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Remove Battery

  1. Press and hold the red END key  to turn off the phone (if on)
  2. Remove the battery cover by pulling it up using the slot provided, while lifting the cover up and away from the phone.

  1. Lift the battery up (1) and away from the phone, bottom end first (2), as shown above

Insert Battery

Important: Fully charge the battery before you use the phone for the first time, otherwise this could damage the battery.

  1. Insert the top end of the battery first, matching the gold contacts on the inside of the battery to those on the phone (1)
  2. Press lightly on the bottom end of the battery down into the phone until it slips into place (2), as shown below


  1. Align the cover and press it firmly into place, being sure it snaps into place at the corners.
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