What are the different buttons and other physical features of my Samsung Focus®?

View the front, side, and rear view of your phone.

  • Front View of Your Phone

    Front View of Your Phone

    1. Proximity and Light sensor: Use the ambient light level to adjust screen brightness and contrast. If the light path is blocked, for example, when holding the phone close to your ear, the touchscreen and keys will turn off.
    2. External Speaker: Allows you to hear the caller.
    3. Display: Shows the information needed to operate your phone, such as Application Tiles, icons, dialer messages, and so on.
    4. Back Key: Allows you to step backward when navigating a menu or web page. Also allows you to navigate recently opened applications.
    5. Start Key / Windows® Key: Tap this key to return to the Start screen. Tap and hold this key to activate the speech recognition feature.
    6. Microphone: Allows callers to hear you when you are speaking to them. Also allows you to use the voice search engine.
    7. Bing® Search key: Allows access to Bing Search, where you can search for items on the Internet.
    8. Application Menu Key: Access the list of installed applications.
    9. Indicator Icons: Show the information needed to operate your phone, such as the received signal strength, phone battery level, time, etc.
  • Side View of Your Phone

    Side View of Your Phone

    1. Power/Accessory Interface Connector: Used to connect a Travel Charger, or other optional accessories such as a USB/data cable.
    2. Volume Keys: Allow you to adjust the ringer volume while in standby mode or adjust the voice volume during a call. When receiving an incoming call, briefly press down either volume key to mute the ring tone.
    3. Camera Key: This dedicated camera key allows you to quickly open the camera and capture pictures.
    4. Power/Lock Key: Allows you to power your phone on and off. Also allows you to lock or unlock the touchscreen.
    5. 3.5 mm Headset Jack: Allows you to connect to a wired headset.
  • Rear View of Your Phone

    Rear View of Your Phone

    1. Camera lens: Allows you to take pictures and shoot videos.
    2. Flash: Is used to provide adequate light when taking pictures in dark places.
    3. External Speaker: Allows you to hear when the Speakerphone is turned on.

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