Can I change the Text Input Mode on my Samsung Rugby® III?

Your mobile device has multiple text input modes available when entering text in a message.

  • Text Input Modes

    When you are creating a new message, press Options > Text Mode to change the current entry mode. You can select from the following text input options:

    • T9® Predictive Text: Enter text using the T9 predictive text dictionary.
    • Multitap: For traditional alphabet mode.
    • Numeric: Allows you to enter numbers.
    • Symbols: Allows you to enter special characters. Use the Navigation keys to scroll through the available symbols.

    When composing a message, you can quickly toggle among options using the following keys:

    •  key: A quick press of this key will cycle between uppercase and lowercase. Press and hold to switch between T9 and Abc entry modes.
    • key: Press and hold to pop up special characters (symbols). Quick press to insert a space.

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