How Do I Use the Oven?

  • To Bake:
    1. Press the Bake pad.
    2. Set the oven temperature with the + and - pads. The oven temperature can be set from 170º to 550º F. The initial temperature is 350º F.
    3. Press the Bake pad or wait four seconds.
    4. The oven will sound one long beep when the oven reaches the set temperature. It will take roughly 8 to 15 minutes for the oven to preheat.
    5. Place food in the center of the oven, allowing a minimum of two inches between the pan and the walls of the oven.
    6. When cooking is finished. press Cancel. Check on the food as ovens vary and the actual cooking time may be longer or shorter than the cooking time of a previous oven.
    7. The oven will automatically turn itself off after 12 hours. This feature can be disabled if longer baking is desired.
  • To Disable Automatic 12 Hour Shut Off:
    1. Set the oven to bake.
    2. Press and hold the Clock pad for three seconds.
    3. SAb will be displayed and flash for five seconds.
    4. SAb will then be displayed continuously until the oven turns itself off after 72 hours. To turn the oven off before then press and hold the Clock pad for three seconds.
  • To Broil
    1. Press the Broil pad.
    2. Press + for HI broil (550º F) or - for LO broil (450º F).
    3. After four seconds, the oven will start.
    4. For optimum browning, preheat the broil element for three to four minutes.
    5. Place the food in the oven. Leave the oven door open at the first stop so that the element stays on.
    6. Turn meat over halfway through cooking.
    7. Press the Cancel pad to turn the broiler off.
  • Notes
    • For best results when broiling, use a pan designed for broiling.
    • Expect broil times to increase and browning to be slightly lighter if appliance is installed on a 208-volt circuit.
    • HI is used for most broiling. Use LO broil when broiling longer cooking foods. The lower temperature allows food to cook to the well done stage without excessive browning.
    • Broil times may be longer when the lower broiling temperature is selected.
    • Food should be turned halfway through broiling time.





    Broil Time**

    Steak, 1" thick

    Hamburgers, ¾" thick


    Well Done
    Well Done

    15-18 minutes
    19-23 minutes
    15-18 minutes

    Chops, 1"
    Ham - precooked slice, ½" thick


    Well Done
    Well Done

    6-10 minutes
    22-26 minutes
    8-12 minutes

    Chicken Pieces 

    3 or 4

    Well Done

    LO Broil
    28-38 minutes 

    Fish Steaks, buttered, 1" thick



    10-15 minutes
    8-12 minutes

    * The top rack position is 5.
    ** Broiling times are approximate.

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