How do I assign a Personal Ringtone to a contact on my Samsung Galaxy Reverb™?

To assign a personal ringtone to a contact on your mobile device, open the desired contact and touch Default under Ringtone.

You can add a personal ringtone from the sounds stored on your device by touching Go to My files and finding the file. Additionally, you can select from one of the preloaded ringtones by touching Ringtones.

To add a personal messaging alert tone that will sound when you receive a message from the selected contact, touch Default under Message alert and select a ringtone from the list.

You can also add a custom vibration pattern. Touch Default under Vibration pattern, and select from Default, Basic call, Heartbeat, Jinglebell, Ticktock, Waltz, or Zig-zig-zig. Touch OK to save your selection. You can also create your own pattern by touching Create.

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