How Do I Take Screenshots on My Samsung RUGBY™ Smart (SGH-i847) Mobile Device?

You can take screenshots of your phone to view later.

  • Capture a Screenshot

    Press the Home  and the Power/Lock button simultaneously to take a screen capture of the image on the screen.

  • View a Screenshot
    1. From the Home screen, touch Applications My Files > ScreenCapture.
    2. Press the Menu button  for the following options:
      • Share: Offers several ways to share your picture: AllShare, Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Facebook, Messaging, Photo editor, Picasa, or YouTube
      • Create folder: Allows you to create a folder
      • Delete: Allows you to delete the current picture
      • View by: Allows you to view by List, List and details, or Thumbnail
      • List by: Allows you to list by Time, Type, Name, or Size
      • More: Allows you to do the following options:
        • Move: Allows you to move a picture
        • Copy: Allows you to copy a picture
        • Rename: Allows you to rename a picture
        • Settings: Allows you to set the following options: Show hidden files, Show file extension, Set Home directory

    Note:  If you press the Home button  before pressing the Power/Lock button, the Task Manager menu may appear.  

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