What Are The Different Buttons & Physical Layout For My Samsung RUGBY™ Smart (SGH-i847) Mobile Device?

View the features of your device.

  • Front View
    1. Front facing camera : Allows you to take pictures of yourself when you set the camera shooting mode to Self shot.
    2. Proximity sensors : If the light path is blocked, for example, when holding the phone close to your ear, the touch screen will turn off. Also used for some Camera settings.
    3. Application icons : You can place shortcuts to your favorite applications on the Home screen.
    4. Primary shortcuts: Allows quick access to important features such as Phone, Email, Web, and Applications.
    5. Menu key : Allows you to access sub-menus with additional options for different features and applications such as Home screen, Phone, Contacts, Messaging, and Web.
    6. Home key : Allows you to return to the main Home screen from any Home screen or menu. Press and hold to display your recently used applications and a shortcut to the Task Manager.
    7. Back key : Allows you step backwards when navigating a menu or web page.
    8. Search key: Allows you to access the Google Search feature where you can search for items on the internet.
    9. Home screen indicator : Shows which Home screen is presently displayed.
    10. Home screen tips Widget : Displays tips to using your home screen. Touch the text area to see 7 different tips.
    11. Google Quick Search bar : A shortcut to Google Search that allows you to search for items on the internet.
    12. Indicator icons : Shows the information needed to operate your phone, such as the received signal strength, phone battery level, time, unread Emails, missed calls, etc.
    13. External speaker : Allows you to hear the caller.


  • Back View
    1. Camera lens : Is used to take pictures and shoot videos.
    2. Flash: Is used to provide adequate light when taking pictures in dark places.
    3. Back Cover Lock: Allows you lock your back cover for an air-tight seal.
    4. External speaker : Allows you to hear when the Speakerphone is turned on.
    5. Microphone: Used for collecting sound for videos


  • Side View
    1. Volume keys : Allow you to adjust the ringer volume while in standby mode or adjust the voice volume during a call. When receiving an incoming call, briefly press down either volume key to mute the ring tone. When the screen is locked, press and hold the Up volume key to turn on the flash torch. It will stay on for 5 minutes or until you press the power button or press and hold the Up volume key again.
    2. Power/Accessory Interface connector : Allows you to connect a Travel Charger or other optional accessories such as a USB/data cable or a hands-free headset for convenient, hands-free conversations.
    3. Microphone: Allows other callers to hear you when you are speaking to them.
    4. Power/Reset/Lock key : Turns the device on or off (press and hold). Resets the device if it ever freezes (press and hold for 13-15 seconds). Allows you to access the phone options menu (press and hold) to turn on/off Silent mode, Airplane mode, or Power off the device.
    5. 3.5mm Headset jack : Allows you to plug in headphones
    Layout Side

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