Which Accessibility options are available on my Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)?

  • Accessibility

    Your Samsung mobile device comes with a variety of accessibility features that, when activated, allow users with visual impairments to use the device with greater ease. To access these accessibility features, open the Notification Panel by touching the clock, and touch Settings  > Accessibility.

  • Accessibility Service — TalkBack

    The TalkBack feature will read aloud the menu location you are currently in, and can also read aloud on-screen options you select. Touch TalkBack and touch the slider at the top of the screen to turn the feature on or off. When the feature is on, the slider will be green. Touch Settings at the top of the right side of the screen to edit the following TalkBack settings:

    • Ringer volume: Set when TalkBack should speak to you. Choose from Speak at all ringer volumes, No speech in Silent Mode, or No speech in Vibrate and Silent mode.
    • Speak when screen is off: Mark this option to have TalkBack speak to you even when the screen is off.
    • Speak caller ID: Mark this option to have TalkBack speak the caller ID name or number during incoming calls.
    • Bluetooth output: Mark this option to turn TalkBack off when you are connected to a Bluetooth® audio device.
    • Sound feedback: Mark this option to turn on sound feedback when TalkBack is on.
    • Sound volume: Select the sound feedback level of TalkBack. Choose from Match speech volume, 75% of speech volume, and 50% of speech volume.
    • Assign sounds: Touch this option to assign the sounds for the Explore by touch and Exploring clickable items actions.
  • System Accessibility Options
    • Auto-rotate screen: Mark this option to have your device automatically rotate the screen based on the device orientation.
    • Speak passwords: When enabled, your device will speak passwords for logins.
    • Accessibility shortcut: Mark this option to add a shortcut to the Accessibility settings displayed when you press and hold the Power key.
    • Screen timeout: Set the delay after which the screen turns black.
  • Vision Accessibility Options
    • Install Web scripts: Set the behavior of application accessibility features. You can Allow applications to install scripts from Google™ that make their web content more accessible. The default option is Do not allow.
    • Font size: Select from Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, or Huge.
  • Hearing Accessibility Options
    • Mono Audio: Mark this option to listen through one earphone to mono audio sound.
    • Turn off all sounds: Mark this option to turn off all sounds.
  • Mobility Accessibility Options
    • Tap and hold delay: Select the delay when you touch and hold.

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