How do I Delete all my Personal Information from my Nexus 10 Tablet?

Your mobile device provides you with the ability to delete all of your personal information from the device. This ensures your data are removed before sending the device in for replacement or repair, properly disposing of the device, or giving the device to a friend or family member to use.

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Delete All Personal Information

Your personal information will not be recoverable after using this feature. Please save any personal information you need prior to using this feature.

    1. To delete all of your personal information from your device, open Quick Settings by swiping down from the top right corner of any screen, and touch Settings > Back up & reset > Factory data reset.

    2. Read the information provided, and then touch Reset tablet > Erase everything.

The process may take a few minutes while your device removes your personal data and restores the Androidâ„¢ platform to its original state.

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