Can I Configure how my Samsung Galaxy S™ II Epic™ 4G Touch behaves when I use an accessory?

Your device can be configured to behave in a specific way when you insert it into a Samsung accessory dock, connected via HDMI cable, or when a headset is connected. To edit the settings for your device, from the Home screen, touch Menu Menu key > Settings  > Accessory.

  • Dock

    Turn Dock sound on or off by marking or unmarking the checkbox. Mark the checkbox next to Audio output mode to set your device to use external speakers when it is placed in a dock. Mark the checkbox next to Desk home screen display to display the desk home screen when the device is docked.

  • HDMI

    Select the Audio output type when you connect an accessory to the device. Select from Stereo or Surround.

  • Earphones

    When you mark the checkbox next to Audio applications in the Accessory settings, it adds a shortcut to media applications in the Notification Panel when you connect your device to a headset.

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