What can I do if my photos are blurry at night?

Blurry Photos at Night

Blurry photos at night can be caused by dirt, fingerprints, or other substances on the lens; incorrect camera settings in relation to the scene you are capturing; movement of the camera while capturing the photo; or camera hardware failure.

  • Clean the camera lens with a lens-cleaning cloth or lens-cleaning tissue, and a lens-cleaning solution. Do not use facial tissues.
  • Check the auto-focus (AF) setting you have selected. If you have selected macro, but are not shooting a scene or subject at close range, select AF instead.
  • Select the Night mode by touching and holding Mode , and then touch the Night thumbnail.
  • Open the flash by pressing the Flash Release button on the left side of the camera. Touch and touch the flash icon until Galaxy Camera - Flash On is shown.
  • If you are using the expert mode, adjust the camera's ISO setting to meet the scene. A higher ISO setting is recommended for dark scenes.
  • If you are using the expert mode, adjust the exposure compensation setting as needed until the desired result is reached. You may also increase the aperture and shutter speeds to compensate for the darker scene.

If you have tried all of the tips above, and all of your night photos are still coming out blurry, contact a Samsung Service Center.

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