How do I Use Voice Dial on my mobile device?

Follow the steps below to use voice dial on your device.

Voice Dial

To make a call using your device’s Voice Dial feature, in standby mode, press Menu > Tools  > Voice Services. A welcome screen appears the first time you open the application. Press Skip to continue.

When your device tells you to "say a command," it is ready to accept your commands. Say "Call" and the name or the phone number you want your device to dial. Your device will check your request against your contacts and call the number.

If a contact has multiple numbers or multiple contacts match the request, you may be asked to select the correct number before the call can be placed.

In addition, you can also say "Send message" to a contact, "Look up" a contact, "Go to" an app, or "Check" the status of an item.

Speak clearly when giving your command. You don't need to speak slowly or with added emphasis. If it does not recognize your command after a few seconds, a voice prompt asks you to "please try again." If nothing is spoken, the application will exit and return to the standby screen.

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