My Sound Bar Doesn't Seem To Retain The 3D Audio Setting, Why?

The 3D audio settings operate differently from other Sound bars and Home Theater Systems. The settings don't actually revert back to factory default after you power off the Sound bar, what actually happens is:

Retain The 3D Audio Setting

  • Each time the 3D Sound button is pressed the Sound bar toggles through 3D Sound OFF > Low > High.
  • If you press the 3D Sound button and leave the setting on 3D Sound High, after power off the setting remains, but if you press the 3D sound button it won't show you the last state, instead it will toggle to the next option, in this case 3D Sound Off. This makes it seem as if the setting has reverted back to factory but it has not.

    In other words, when pressing the 3D Sound button you are not able to confirm the settings, instead you are changing the setting to the next mode. The 3D Sound button should be pressed until you select the mode you want to set, and then not pressed again.

  • The Speaker audio mode, Dimmer, and Mute functions will always revert back to default after a power cycle, this is considered normal.

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