How do I Connect my Device to Kies 2.6?

Connect your device to Kies 2.6 using the USB data cable.

    Kies 2.6 is only available for use on a Windows platform. Kies 3 is availble for both PC and Mac. Mac users should download Kies 3 for Mac. If your device is running Android 4.3 or later versions, please download Kies 3. Devices running older versions of Android should download Kies 2.6.    LEARN MORE

  • Getting Started

    Prior to connecting your device to your PC, review the following information to ensure your connection runs smoothly.

    • Ensure that there is only one version of Kies downloaded onto your PC.
    • Close all running programs prior to opening Kies 2.6.
    • Connect your USB cable directly to your PC and not through a hub.
    • For additional assistance, please contact your PC manufacturer or Samsung device seller.
  • Device Name

    Connect your device to your computer. When the device has been detected, the device's name will be shown in Kies as the model number. To change the name displayed for this device, you must make the change on the device itself. From the Home screen, touch Menu > Settings > General or More tab > About device > Device name. Enter a new name for the device and touch OK. Disconnect and reconnect your device to your computer. The new name will display in Kies 2.6.

  • USB Data Cable

    Most Samsung smartphones and tablets can connect to Kies. We recommend that you use the USB data cable that came with your device for optimal performance and best results.

    1. Connect the cable to a compatible USB port on your computer.

    2. Connect the cable to your Samsung device.

    3. Allow your computer to install any required drivers for your device.

      Note: If the drivers do not install automatically, you may need to download and install them from the Samsung Support site. Find your product and click Support > See All Downloads. Click and download the device driver.

    4. Open the Kies application, and allow Kies to make the connection. When you are successfully connected to the device, Kies will display the following page.

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