How do I use the Best Face mode on my Samsung Galaxy Camera?

The Best Face option allows you to capture five images and select the best face for each of the subjects from the photos. When photographing a group, especially with children, this will help you get a picture where everyone's expression looks good.

To turn the Best Face feature on, follow these steps:
  1. Turn the camera on. With the camera application open, tap 'Mode.'

  2. Tap 'Smart.'

  3. Scroll up or down through the available modes until you reach 'Best Face,' and then tap it.

  4. You are now ready to take a photo in Best Face mode. Aim the camera at the subject and partially depress the Shutter button until a green box appears around the focal point (Alternatively, you can touch the screen to focus on a specific area.). When the focal point turns green, press the camera shutter button all the way down and hold it until the camera stops taking photos (it will take 5 photos).

  5. You will be shown the review screen, and each of the recognized faces will be shown with a yellow box around it. Touch one of the boxes.

  6. Select what you think is the best face for the subject from one of the photos.

    Note: There may be fewer than 5 photos, depending upon how many of the shots come out well.

  7. Repeat the previous two steps for any additional people whose faces are in the photo. Once you are satisfied with the photo, touch 'Save' to combine the selected faces and save the photo to the album.

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