Why Does The Display Say "OFF OFF?" (RSG309 and RF4289)

If the display panel on your Wi-Fi refrigerator (RS309* or RF4289*) says “OFF OFF” it is in Cooling Off Mode. Cooling Off Mode is controlled through the settings menu. When activated, Cooling Off Mode shuts off the cooling operation in the unit. Retailers use this feature for in-store displays.

Activating and Deactivating Cooling Off Mode

If the unit has been in Cooling Off Mode long enough for the interior temperature to rise to room temperature, allow several hours for the unit to reach the set temperature.

To Activate/Deactivate Cooling Off Mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Touch the settings icon located at the bottom right hand side of the display panel.

  2. Once you have accessed the settings menu, scroll through the menu by touching the up and down arrows along the right side of the screen. When you see "Cooling Off", touch "Off" to disable Cooling Off mode, and touch "On" to enable it.

     Note: The image below shows the Alert Message that appears when an attempt is made to activate Cooling Off Mode: "All the cooling functions will stop. Refrigeration / Freezing doesn't work. Cooling off to be activated. Sure?"
    • Touch "No" to keep the unit cooling.

    • Touch and hold "Yes" for 3 seconds to activate Cooling Off Mode and deactivate the cooling system.

  3. Press the Home Icon to return to the Home Screen.

  4. Once Cooling Off is turned off, the unit's temperature will be displayed on the home screen and the unit will begin cooling.

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