[Android™ 4.4, KitKat] How do I take a Drama photo using my Samsung Galaxy S® 4?

The Drama photo shooting mode lets you capture a series of photos of a moving subject and merge them into one photo.

Turn On Drama Mode

To turn the Drama mode on, with the Camera application open, touch Mode  and then touch the Drama thumbnail.

Note: To view all photo modes at once, touch Mode  and then touch  to switch to a grid view.

Aim your device at the scene. Give the scene enough space to capture the subject's movements without moving your device. Touch the camera shutterbutton. Movement in the scene will be detected by the camera, and you will be taken to a review screen. Touch the photos you would like be included in a single photo spanning the entire movement range. When you have made your selections, touch Save to merge the photos and save the single photo to the Gallery.

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