What Are The Touch Screen Gestures?

Touch Screen Gestures

Your Samsung notebook screen supports touch input. Below is a quick guide to the various gestures that are supported. Bear in mind that these functions are application-dependent; some programs may not have support for every gesture.

  Touch Operation Function Description
  Dragging from the right edge toward the center. Displays the Charms menu.
  Dragging from the left edge toward the center. Displays the currently running applications.
  Dragging from the bottom edge upward or from the top edge downward. Displays the options for the currently running application.
  Touching slightly. (Clicking) Slightly press with your finger to select an item. (If you slightly touch a specific menu, option, application icon, etc. on the screen, the corresponding capability is activated.)
  Touching twice (Double-clicking) Slightly press twice with your finger to select an item.
  Touching and dragging. Moves the selected target or moves to the next page.
  Rotating with more than 2 fingers. Rotates the selected target.
  Spreading 2 fingers widely or bringing them towards each other. Zooms in or out of the target.
  Touching and holding for awhile. (Right-clicking your mouse) Provides the same function as right-clicking your mouse button. Displays the additional options which can be set for the selected target or more detailed information.
  Touching and dragging 2 fingers up/down, left/right. (Scrolling) Moves up/down, left/right. Provides the same function as scrolling your mouse.

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