How Do I Use Video Call Sharing On My SGH-A797 (Flight) Phone?

The Video Share feature allows you to share live or recorded video while on an outgoing phone call. The Video Share feature requires both parties must be subscribed to Video Share, both must have phones that support Video Share, and both must be in a 3G coverage area. Video Share is a paid subscription service offered through AT&T. Please contact AT&T for subscription information such a pricing and availability in your area.

    If the default AT&T IMS profile setting has been changed or if the IMS service has been turned off, you will not be able to use Video Share  

Using Video Share

To initiate or receive video, using Video Share, follow the steps below:

  1. From the standby screen, press on Dial then dial the phone number
  2. Press on Call or press the TALK key 
  3. Once the call is answered, if you're both capable of Video Sharing, the Video Share icon  appears on the display and turns from grey to black ( Video Share Ready)
  4. Press on Video Share to invite the other party to view video shot from your handset
  5. Press on either Live or Recorded
  6. A Video Share message displays on the screen stating that the phone is trying to establish a connection with the other phone
  7. If you are the recipient of the Video Share session, press Accept when the message “###-###-#### wants to share video with you" is displayed
  8. The recipient of the incoming call will receive a Video Share pop-up to either Accept or Decline the Video Share call
  9. If the Auto Record option is On, a "Recording Started" pop-up will display showing the amount of memory available for the video
  10. To stop the Video Share call press the Options soft key then press on “Video Share End” or press Stop Recording
  11. Another pop-up message displays “Video Sharing has been Stopped. Save the Recorded Video?”
  12. Select to either Accept or Decline the Video Share Video

Important!: When establishing a Video Share session, only the sender of the video clip can save the file

Note: If the Video Share Video is saved, the recorded video is stored in the My Stuff  Video folder


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