How Do I Use My SGH-A227 As A Modem Or Transfer Data Between It And My Computer?

The SGH-A227 uses PC Studio software for connectivity between your phone and a desktop computer. PC Studio is a Windows-based PC program used to easily manage personal data and multimedia files.

    PC Studio contains several applications for managing data on a mobile phone and PC. Not all applications within PC Studio are compatible for use with all handsets. When connecting your handset, should any of the icons on the screen appear in grayscale, this is indication that the application is not supported for use with the connected device.  

  • PC Studio System Requirements

    System Requirements:

    The system requirements for Samsung PC Studio are as follows.

    • Windows 2000 or XP family
    • At least 300MB of free disk space
    • Interface devices such as USB, IrDA, and Bluetooth for the connection with the Phone

    Note:  To use PC Studio multimedia functions such as MMS Composer, Microsoft® DirectX® version 9.0 or higher is required and should be auto-installed, if not present, during installation.

  • Launch PC Studio

    After installation, launch PC Studio 3.0.   Be sure to have an active internet connection at the initial launch, as Live Update will automatically search for the most current version of the application and promptly install before use.

    You can also update your Samsung PC Studio to the latest version manually.

    Live Update can be performed as follows.

    • Run Samsung PC Studio. In the Launcher window, select the Tools > Live Update menu. (Make sure the PC is connected to the internet.)
    • When the Welcome window appears, click the Start button.
    • The available program update list appears. Click the Next button.
    • Save all unsaved tasks and close all PC Studio applications. Click the OK button to proceed to the update process.
    • When the update is done, click the Finish button to close Live Update. (In case the Live Update program itself has been updated, click the Start button to repeat steps 3 to 5 for updating other components.)

    Note:  Some new phone models may require you to update to the latest software version in order to connect to the device.

  • More About PC Studio

    Some applications may not be supported in specific phone model.


    Connection Manager Assistance (Phone to PC)


    Phone Editor (Manage contacts and more)
    Allows you to view, edit and Media the personal information in your phone on your PC. It also lets you copy and move information between your phone and your PC.



    Message Manager (Manage messages)
    Allows you to view, edit, and Media messages of your phone on your PC. It also lets you copy and move messages between your phone and your PC. In addition you can send text messages or multimedia messages through this application, when it is connected to the phone.



    PC Sync (Synchronize)
    Allows you to Synchronize personal information data saved in the Phone and the data saved in the PC’s personal information management program. The PC personal information management program supported by PC Sync are Microsoft® Outlook® and Outlook Express



    Phone Explorer (Manage files)
    Allows you to manage multimedia files in your phone on your PC and to transfer files between your phone and your PC.



    Networking Wizard (Manage Internet connections)
    Allows you to access the Internet using the connected Phone as a modem device.



    MMS Composer (Compose multimedia messages)
    Allows you to make and edit multimedia messages using such content as photos, movies, sounds and text. The multimedia messages produced using MMS Composer can be saved to or sent via the connected Phone.



    Multimedia Manager (Manage multimedia files)
    Multimedia Manager can modify various media files imported from your mobile phone, PC, or CD and create a new one at your will. In addition to a simple file management function, Multimedia Manager has a powerful play function so that you don't need to start a separate tool. In particular, you can easily connect Multimedia Manager with your mobile phone as well as upload images from your phone to Samsung uBlog.



    Multimedia Player (Play multimedia files)
    Allows you to play multimedia files compatible with the Phone, such as multimedia messages, movies, and sounds.

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