What Is YouTube & How Do I Use It On My Tablet?

YouTube is a free online video steaming service. The Samsung Galaxy Tab supports playback of most popular video formats.

Due to variances in streaming content speeds, the video experience may differ depending on the type of access point/router being used for communication and other unforeseen conditions.

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Accessing and Using Youtube

  1. Press the Home key , and then tap on Applications .
  2. Tap on Youtube to access the application.

  3. The YouTube website is displayed.

  4. Tap on Search and input a search parameter. For example "Samsung"

  5. YouTube displays the results.

  6. Tap a video to have it play.

Other Settings

  1. While a video is streaming, press the Menu key , and it will display the following options:
    • Captions
    • Details
    • Rate
    • Favorite
    • Share
    • More

  2. When playing a video, tap on  at the bottom right hand corner to watch the video in High Quality. (For select video content only).

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