What Are The Expected Standby And Talk Times For The Batteries On My SGH-A837 (Rugby) Phone?

Review the information below for details about expected standby and talk times for your device.

  • Expected Standby and Talk Times

    Handset Size / Weight

    Size:   with Standard Battery

     3.95" x 2.05" x .90"

    Weight:  with Standard Battery

     4.66 ounces

    Standard Battery

    Battery Specifications 


     Innercell Li-Ion

     (mAh) Milliamp Hours:

     1000 mAh

     Battery Voltage:

     3.7 Volts

     Battery Housing/Cover Color:

     Top Edge of Battery

    Charging Time 

    Travel Charger:

     4 Hours

     Car Charger:

     4 Hours


     Talk Time:

     5 Hours

     Standby Time:

     250 hours


    Battery life durations specified on our products are tested in our labs under multiple different conditions and the talk and standby times are a realistic average maximum dependent on customer usage variables. Some variables that may affect battery life are:

    • Backlight settings set to always on, or a long amount of time
    • Ring tone settings set to higher volume settings
    • Vibrate settings turned on
    • Using Internet Services including Text Messaging
    • Making and/or Receiving calls in, or simply standing by in an analog service area
    • If you tend to be in a "weak" coverage area where your signal strength meter shows only 1 to 2 bars
    • Using non-SAMSUNG charging accessories can cause battery life and other issues, as well as void the manufacture's limited warranty.

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