How Do I Create Or Delete Alarms On My U.S. Cellular Samsung Repp™ (SCH-R680) Mobile Device?

Follow the steps below to create or delete alarms on your device.

    Upon your first launch of the Alarm Clock application, two alarm presets are set up by default and ready for you to customize. These alarms are turned off by default.  

  • Create an Alarm
      1. From the Home screen, touch  Applications > Clock .
      2. Touch Alarm  to launch the alarm screen.
      3. Touch  Add alarm to create an alarm.
      4. To activate an existing alarm, touch the clock icon.
      5. To edit an alarm, touch the entry and then touch the Time field to adjust the alarm time.
        • Adjust the hour and minute by touching either + or -.
        • Touch the AM or PM to change the value
        • Touch Set when finished
      6. Touch the Repeat field to select a repeating status for the alarm.
        • Place a green checkmark adjacent to the desired repetition days and touch OK.
      7. Touch Ringtone to select an audio ringtone that will sound with the alarm.
        • Touch a ringtone to hear an audio sample.
        • Touch OK to accept the ringtone assignment.
      8. Touch Vibrate to add a vibration feature to the alarm.
      9. Select a unique name for this alarm event by touching the Label field, entering a new label, and touching OK.
      10. Touch Done to store the new alarm event.

    Note: To allow the alarm to sound even while the mobile device is in silent mode, press Menu button  > Settings, then activate the Alarm in silent mode field.

  • Delete an Alarm
    1. From the Home screen, touch  Applications > Clock .
    2. Touch Alarm to launch the alarm screen.
    3. Touch and hold a desired alarm event.
    4. From the onscreen context menu, touch Delete alarm.

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